If These Books Could Talk

There’s so much we can learn from literary characters. The inhabitants of our favorite books can, through their examples and stories, teach us about courage, selflessness, friendship, heroism, love, passion, justice, freedom, hardship, determination, and good and evil. But what if we could learn from them more directly? What advice might they impart to us in their self-help books and how-to manuals? What dark secrets might be spilled in their tell-all memoirs? Let’s look at a sampling of what we might be offered, could literary characters put their own pens to paper: Read more


Brought To You By…

In the old days, we had patrons of the arts- wealthy individuals who sponsored artists and writers. These days? Well, these days we have corporate sponsorship. But suppose we’d had then what we have now? The shelves of your local library might look very different today had the authors of classic literature worked a little product placement into their books. For example: Read more


Well, dear readers, the second installment of Dr. Seusspeare’s “Macbeth” remains currently under production. However, while you wait for its debut, why not kick up your feet and relax with some of these fine televisual programs, brought to you courtesy of the Literary Universe: Read more

More Face”book” Fun

Shortly after I started this blog, I received a request- “More literature as Facebook!” And since the only thing I love more than pleasing my intelligent, sophisticated, discerning readers is mint chocolate chip ice cream, I have obliged. I now present to you my latest batch of Face-books, for your reading pleasure! Read more

Ellie Reads “Le Morte d’Arthur:” Part I

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on here before, but I work part time at a local bookstore, and occasionally people bring us their used books to sell. I was pricing a bag of these the other day, when I came across an old translation of Le Morte d’Arthur. Now, I’ve always loved Arthurian legend, and I read lots of it as a kid, but despite my fascination with Camelot and the Round Table, I’ve never actually gotten around to reading Malory’s book. I decided it was high time to remedy that, and began flipping through the copy that had just come in and holy smokes, you guys…this stuff is insane. So much weirder than I ever realized. I’d barely made it two paragraphs in before my brain was about to explode from all the pent-up exclamations of “WTF?” And I decided that this was too good to keep to myself.

Thus was born what I hope will be a new recurring feature on this blog- “Ellie Reads,” where in I work my way through a classic so you don’t have to. Not only that, but I provide plenty of pithy commentary and fun pictures along the way. Our first joint literary adventure will, naturally, be Le Morte d’Arthur. And so, let us begin… Read more

Literary Collaborations that (Un)fortunately Never Took Place

Peanut butter and jelly. Popcorn and a movie. Bacon and…well, everything. Some things are just better together. The same goes in the artistic realm. What would Gilbert have been without Sullivan? Would we remember Rodgers without Hammerstein? What if Fred had had no Ginger?

This isn’t always the case, though. There are many cases where, had collaboration taken place, instead of getting a timeless masterpiece, we would have gotten something very different indeed. Cases like these: Read more

Literary Limericks

We all want to be well-read. But let’s face it- in this fast-paced day and age, few of us have either the time or the attention span to sit around and wade through pages and pages of dusty old classics. After all, this is the twenty first century! Gone are the days of sitting in armchairs, leisurely reading stacks of leather bound books by flickering candlelight. This is the age of Facebook and Twitter, of DVR and 140 character updates. We like things short, snappy, and to the point! The world has changed, and literature will just have to keep pace. We want to be well-read, and we want to get that way FAST! Read more