Ellie Reviews: “Red Notice”

Hello, all! Now that I have finally finished migrating all my old content over to its new home, I would like to introduce what I hope will be another recurring feature on this blog- book reviews! Read more


Happily Ever After- For Real!

Nothing spoils an otherwise good story like a bad ending. And there are often times when, though we may grudgingly admit that a particular ending was fitting, we can’t help but wish that things had turned out differently- that the romantic pairings had been different, a villain hadn’t gotten off so lightly, or some particular character had just made slightly more sensible decisions. Well, today some of these injustices will (hopefully) be rectified, as we investigate how select works of literature perhaps should have ended.

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Dr. Seusspeare, Part II

And now, dear readers, the literary sequel you’ve all been waiting for- the continuation of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, as told by Dr. Seuss (the first part of which, should you need a refresher, can be found here). So, without further ado, allow me to present:

William Shakespeare’s
The Tragedy of Macbeth
as told by Dr. Seuss)

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Words With Criminals

Allow me, dear readers, to present you with the following flight of literary fancy, inspired by this prompt from the users of r/writingprompts, over at Reddit: In a world where linguistic delinquency is on the rise, a Grammar Nazi is called to the scene of one of the most heinous crimes of his/her career. Read more